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Our Relationship with

the Institute to End Mass Incarceration

Inquest is published by the Institute to End Mass Incarceration. But it is not the voice of the Institute. Rather, the Institute’s goal in developing Inquest is to create a true forum where a diverse set of thinkers and doers can come together to engage in thoughtful, constructive dialogue about the many ideas it will take to end mass incarceration. We do not expect our authors to always agree with each other, nor to always agree with the Institute itself. Likewise, the Institute does not necessarily endorse or embrace the views shared on this forum simply because they have been published here. In this sense, the Institute and Inquest are two related but distinct projects. The vast majority of the voices Inquest will publish will not be affiliated with the Institute, and when people who are affiliated with the Institute share their views here the connection will be made clear.