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Series & Collections

Since our launch, Inquest has published a number of essay series and collections examining drivers of and solutions to our crisis of mass incarceration. Below, you’ll find them all, arranged from first to most recent.


January 2022

Incarceration and the Court

Essays examining the Supreme Court’s role in exacerbating our crisis of mass incarceration.

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A portion of the cover of Clarence Earl Gideon's petition to the Supreme Court of the United States

March 2023

Beyond Gideon

A collection of essays examining how—or whether—public defenders can meaningfully contribute to the end of mass incarceration.

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April 2023

Abolition Alchemy

A four-part series of essays examining the “alchemy” of incarcerated abolitionists and thinkers who are fighting to transform their struggle into freedom for all.

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May 2023


A collection of essays at the intersection of labor and the carceral state, in partnership with LPE Blog.

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June 2023 (Ongoing)

Decarceral Filmmaking

Essays spotlighting films and documentaries that have something to say about our crisis of mass incarceration.

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July 2023

Abolition in Action

A collection of essays exploring how people are practicing abolition in their communities, in partnership with Truthout.

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August 2023

Radical Acts of Justice

A roundtable of essays centered on Jocelyn Simonson’s book, Radical Acts of Justice: How Ordinary People Are Dismantling Mass Incarceration.

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October 2023


A collaboration with PEN America, aimed at the plight of carceral censorship and how people in prison are harmed by it.

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April 2024

National Poetry Month

Throughout April, incarcerated poets will offer their art and their hopes for a different future.

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More from our decarceral brainstorm

Every week, Inquest aims to bring you insights from people thinking through and working for a world without mass incarceration.


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