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decarceral films

Essays spotlighting films and documentaries that shine a light on our crisis of mass incarceration.

6 posts in ‘decarceral films’

In Their Words

Ambassadors to Freedom

People condemned to die in prison are telling the world about it—and fighting to free one another in the process.

Marcus Kondkar, Calvin Duncan, Annie Nisenson, Daryl Waters, Ron Hicks & Everett Offray

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Beauty on the Inside

A look at how decarceral, abolitionist filmmaking can help us envision new worlds.

Sylvia Ryerson, Andy Myers, Adamu Chan & Andrew Crespo

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Film review

Reframing Our Outrage

A new film reminds us that caring about survivors means working to prevent and respond to all violence—including carceral violence.

Ieshaah Murphy

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The Recall: Reframed

A short film asks how we can offer justice for survivors of sexual violence without perpetuating the harms of mass incarceration.

Rebecca Richman Cohen

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The Art of Freedom

How two formerly incarcerated artists are creating a community for people like them—and exposing mass incarceration through it.

Jesse Krimes, Russell Craig, Makeda Best & Premal Dharia

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Face to Face

The Visiting Room Project offers an intimate glimpse into the stories of Louisianians serving life without parole.

Marcus Kondkar

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