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In the States

Moving Forward

After a clean sweep in November, Republicans are now running Virginia. But the prospect of more progress, and justice, remains within reach for all Virginians.

Brad Haywood & Andy Elders

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In Depth

Cages in the Coalfields

A growing carceral state has slowly replaced the coal industry in large swaths of Central Appalachia. But even here, a different future is possible.

Judah Schept

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The Journalist Advocate

Since the days of Ferguson, I’ve used my editorial perch to amplify the voices of those crushed by our nation’s system of wealth extraction. If that also makes me an ally, so be it.

Tony Messenger

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Building Bridges

There’s a direct link between the penal system and community wellbeing. Here’s why, and how, I decided to teach that connection to a group of public-health students.

Hernandez Stroud

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A closer look

Community Spread

People in counties with higher jail populations are getting sicker and dying younger. The data shows that mass incarceration is playing a role.

Sandhya Kajeepeta

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A Safer Cleveland

Our movement was born out of our shared grief. Our voices reminded voters that the police should never police themselves.

LaTonya Goldsby

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Past, Present & Future of Mass Incarceration

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Mass Clemency

In the age of mass incarceration, the president of can and should lead the nation by freeing from prison as many people as possible.

Udi Ofer

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As Told To

Surviving Everywhere

Clemency gave me a chance to tell my truth — a truth the criminal legal system made invisible.

Tewkunzi Green

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public health

Treating Unfreedom

Practicing correctional medicine is fundamentally an exercise in harm reduction. And it’s no match for freedom itself.

Rachael Bedard & Zachary Rosner

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Too Little, Too Late

The bureaucracy in charge of parole in Georgia hasn’t kept up with the reality that the state’s prison system is a hotbed of death and despair.

Hannah Riley

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Seeing the Light

We can’t end mass incarceration without first ending solitary confinement once and for all.

Christopher Blackwell & Jessica Sandoval

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In Depth

Saving Austin

Emboldened reactionaries tried to get voters to super-fund our city’s police force. But we out-organized them, and they lost badly. Here’s how we did it.

Marina Roberts

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More Than a Number

Older New Yorkers are dying in state prison at an alarming rate. Once and for all, they need to come home to their families.

Wilfredo Laracuente

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Decarceral Pathways

From Crisis to Care

For alternative responses to policing to work and reduce the footprint of the criminal legal system, they must work in concert and holistically to address both immediate and longer-term social needs.

Katherine Beckett, Forrest Stuart & Monica Bell

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A Disruptive Innovation

Marlon Peterson

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Making Penal Bureaucrats

Shaun Ossei-Owusu

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Big Data

The Feature Is the Bug

Colin Doyle

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Radicalized at the Workhouse

Inez Bordeaux

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The Border State

César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández

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In Depth

Follow the Science

Patricia Richman & Diane Goldstein

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Is to create a space where the voices of those doing the hard thinking and work of decarceration can come together to share ideas and be heard.

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A Note From Our Founding Editors

On why Inquest exists, and what we hope it will help to achieve.

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