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Image: Ayo Walker/Truthout

Abolition in Action

Since the 2020 George Floyd uprisings, police and prison abolition have become topics of household discussion throughout the U.S. But many people continue to doubt that abolition is realistic—or that abolition can be accomplished without sacrificing the safety of our communities. But in truth, across the country, people are practicing abolition every day in their communities. This series, a collaboration between Inquest and Truthout, elevates their work by focusing on individual instances of abolition in action, providing examples of how people can—without waiting for state-level change—make abolition a reality in their lives.

—July 2023

Essays in ‘Abolition in Action’:

For the People’s Health

Abolition and public health go hand in hand. Organizers are embracing both as they pursue decarceral projects that center everyone’s well-being.

Cristian Farias

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Abolition as Human Liberation

A hopeful, practical new book shows how abolitionist organizers today are building the world anew.

Rachel Herzing, Justin Piché & Maya Schenwar

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No More Family Policing

Black, Brown, Indigenous, disabled, and poor children and their families bear the brunt of a system that many now agree should be dismantled.

Eleanor Bader

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Abolition Everywhere

Despite the stumbling blocks imposed by Republican state governments, abolition is happening in the South and in small towns, with organizing specially tailored to local needs.

Meghan Krausch

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On Both Sides of the Gun

Community-based gun violence prevention is at a crossroads. A group in Chicago shows how abolition may hold the key to its future.

Cristian Farias

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Abolition Is Practical

Putting our ideas into practice—allowing ourselves to try, fail, and try again—will be how we move closer to a world without the harms of policing, prisons, and punishment.

Rachel Herzing

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