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Abolition Can Mend Our Democracy

How might we reimagine our rights and liberties in the absence of incarceration?

Angela Y. Davis

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democracy & power

Changing Everything

Beyond electing progressive prosecutors, decarceration requires an ambitious, multifaceted struggle at all levels of governance.

Dan Berger

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democracy & power

After the Backlash

Understanding the democratic appeal of retrenchment and reaction to movements for racial justice has never been more urgent.

Aziz Huq

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Mass Disenfranchisement

The scourge of plea bargaining is robbing millions of a different, and just as fundamental, kind of liberty.

Somil Trivedi & Julie Ebenstein

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A Seat at the Table

Joel Castón, the first person in Washington, D.C., to run for public office and win while incarcerated, explains how giving people like him a voice is the beginning of the…

Joel Castón

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