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prison industrial complex

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Film review

Big-Screen Abolition

Films that imagine decarceral futures are a cultural antidote for the carceral messages and aesthetics so prevalent in popular media.

Michelle Brown

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Abolitionist Social Work

Social work must be anti-carceral, against oppression, and committed to ending the systems, structures, and ideologies that cause people harm.

The Network to Advance Abolitionist Social Work

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first person

Hell Is Real and It Is Beige

Some of the greatest violence of prisons is hidden, in plain view, within their banality.

Vic Liu

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Abolition as Human Liberation

A hopeful, practical new book shows how abolitionist organizers today are building the world anew.

Rachel Herzing, Justin Piché & Maya Schenwar

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Beyond Reform

No More Courts

The legal institutions, processes, procedures, and actors implicated in the progression of criminal cases are simply beyond reform.

Zohra Ahmed & Rachel Foran

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A Veneer of Benevolence

For many years, I believed that the child welfare system could be reformed, but no more. It needs to be abolished.

Dorothy Roberts

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Divide and Conquer

For those of us on the inside who believe in prison abolition by any means necessary, prison closures really mean prison closures. The state and some of my fellow prisoners…

Felix Sitthivong

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Life Inside

‘We Are Men’

On the 50th anniversary of a flashpoint of the American penal system, the cries of Attica still resonate today.

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The Keeper and the Kept

The carceral system dehumanizes not just the people we condemn, but also its massive workforce.

Kaia Stern

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