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Wilfredo Laracuente


Wilfredo Laracuente is an advocate, educator, and formerly incarcerated leader. He aims to provide a voice for incarcerated people by not only providing insight into the struggles that incarcerated people face daily, but actively working towards deconstructing the harmful and dehumanizing nature of prison. He currently serves as the program coordinator for the Prison Education Project at the Center for Justice at Columbia University, in which he assists in teaching incarcerated students at Sing Sing prison. As part of another CFJ initiative, the Justice Ambassadors Youth Council, he mentors justice-involved young people and guides them through developing coping mechanisms associated with trauma and stress. At the Columbia Business School, Wilfredo tutors students in pre-algebra who participate in the Financial Empowerment course and he also is part of an ending forced labor in New York state prison focus group. Before coming home in July 2021, Wilfredo spent 20 years incarcerated in Sing Sing prison and earned his bachelor’s degree in behavioral science.

Wilfredo Laracuente Headshot