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carceral politics

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Unmaking Prison Walls

Reacquainting ourselves with practices that made prisons more permeable can be a step toward ending mass incarceration.

Reiko Hillyer

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Lessons from Ohio’s Bail Backlash

Fearmongering about public safety played a major role in the state’s midterm setback. But we can learn from it how to take control of the political narrative.

Nikki Baszynski

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punishment theory

Unraveling Carceral Feminism

The push to increase the state’s power to punish led to more incarceration but failed to create a more just society for victims of sexual violence.

Alice Ievins

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Beyond Private Prisons

Simply targeting the corporations caging migrants and other people for profit won’t create a future without mass incarceration.

Silky Shah

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Carceral Democrats

There is empirical evidence that Democratic governors will outspend and out-incarcerate Republicans if their reelection depends on it. That’s entirely avoidable.

Anna Gunderson

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