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life inside

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Life Inside

Unsettled People

Prison transfers are routinely used to punish, disorient, and isolate incarcerated people, disconnecting them from family, friends, community, and all sense of place.

Stephen Wilson

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A Narrative of Control

Mass incarceration rests on false narratives that carceral institutions themselves control. But some of us are fighting back.

Lyle C. May

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first person

Closed Doors

Prison is no place for grief and closure. Yet even as I mourned, glimmers of love and life surrounded me.

Alexander Bolling

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In Their Words

Finishing Sentences

Writing about prison from prison is a form of freedom-fighting. It is not without risks — and many rewards.

Caits Meissner

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Life Inside

Burn the Spot

Writing about people you encounter in prison carries special responsibilities.

Piper Kerman

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Life Inside

The Ties That Bind

Imprisonment violently separates us from those we love most. Even those we come to love on the inside.

William Peeples

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