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Andrew Manuel Crespo

Editor-in-Chief & Founding Editor

Andrew Manuel Crespo is the Morris Wasserstein Public Interest Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, Coeditor-in-Chief and a founding editor of Inquest, and the executive faculty director of the Institute to End Mass Incarceration. He is a national expert on criminal law and policy whose award-winning scholarship has been published in the Harvard Law Review, the Yale Law Journal, and the Columbia Law Review. His forthcoming book, Criminal Law and the American Penal System, recasts the required American criminal law course as a class about the role law and lawyers have played in building and sustaining mass incarceration. Professor Crespo’s public writings and commentary can be found in various national outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe, as well as online at Inquest, Lawfare, Just Security, and Take Care.  He was previously a staff attorney with the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia and, before that, a law clerk to Judge Stephen Reinhardt, Justice Stephen Breyer, and Justice Elena Kagan. He is the first Latino to have been elected president of the Harvard Law Review and to have been promoted to a tenured position on the Harvard Law School faculty.