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Welcome to Inquest

A forum for advancing decarceral ideas

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Welcome to Inquest. We are glad you have found your way here, and hope you come back often. Our goal every day is to show you something that makes you think, that challenges you, and that engages you. From time to time, we hope we might show you something that inspires you.

We created Inquest because we realized we needed it. Each of us comes to this work from a different background and perspective. Between us we have spent years in the worlds of advocacy and activism, in legal academia, and in journalism.  Working within those distinct communities of peers, we realized when crossing paths with fellow travelers from adjacent arenas just how much we could learn from each other. But we also realized how infrequently that actually happens. In fact, even within our fields, we encountered silos time and again. People from different cities, beats, and disciplines each had their own pockets of knowledge and experience, but there was nowhere for us all to come together, to share strategies and ideas and to improve upon them. 

Inquest exists to break down the walls of those silos, in hopes that we might all be better equipped to break down other walls together. We are a purpose-driven publication: a forum for advancing bold decarceral ideas. We put our mission statement front and center, and hope you will read it, along with descriptions we’ve given of our core topics and of our relationship to our publisher, the Institute to End Mass Incarceration. Most of all, though, we hope you’ll read the amazing content that we plan to share here everyday. You can join our newsletter and follow us on social media (links below) to make sure you never miss a new idea. 

Finally, we just want to say thank you for being here. We’re looking forward to growing this community of readers, and to brainstorming a decarceral future together.

—The founding editors of Inquest

July 2021

Image: Unsplash