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jail incarceration

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book review

Outsmarting a Monster

Jails are everywhere, trapping people and resources belonging to communities. And everywhere, there are organizers contesting that reality.

Charlotte Rosen

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Renewing New Orleans

Anti-jail organizers scored important wins in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. But their fight isn’t over.

Lydia Pelot-Hobbs

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public health

Beware the Healthier Cage

In Atlanta politicians are pushing for a bigger jail they claim will be more humane. But health-care workers are pushing back.

Mark Spencer

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first person

No Leaving Rikers

For the scores of people who have suffered on Rikers Island, their experiences, and scars, of living through it remain long after release.

Graham Rayman & Reuven Blau

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Local jails

Pretrial Injustice

Incarceration ahead of trial is fundamentally unjust—a form of punishment that makes it virtually impossible to fight for your freedom.

Cyrus Gray

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Goodnight Jail

Based on 'Goodnight Moon', the 1947 bedtime classic by Margaret Wise Brown.

El Jones

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public health

Monkeypox and Decarceration

Urgent action in our nation’s jails and prisons can prevent the kind of mass suffering seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mark Spencer & Vanessa Van Doren

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A New Sheriff in Town

New Orleans’ newest jailer won’t get us out of our crisis of mass incarceration. But her election still matters as we build a safer, healthier community.

Sade Dumas

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A closer look

Community Spread

People in counties with higher jail populations are getting sicker and dying younger. The data shows that mass incarceration is playing a role.

Sandhya Kajeepeta

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