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reformist reforms

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Community Is a Verb

Defund gives us a platform and pathway to reimagine a society with less police, more care, and services that meet the needs of all.

CalvinJohn Smiley

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law & policy

When the Law Is a Trap

The Prison Rape Elimination Act often revictimizes incarcerated survivors by expanding the power of the prison over them.

E. Zimmerman

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In Depth

When ‘Community’ Isn’t Actually the Community

The crisis of youth incarceration won’t be solved by cynical attempts to co-opt the language of grassroots organizing.

Sarah Cate

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An Organized Community

ICE entanglement in local law enforcement is just one iteration of a bigger system meant to police our communities. And we can fight it.

Felicia Arriaga

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Mass Incarceration on the Cheap

Fiscal arguments have only led to a reconfigured carceral state—one that replaces one type of punishment for another while still harming millions.

Jarrod Shanahan & Zhandarka Kurti

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In Depth

Jail by Another Name

The rise of pretrial e-carceration in San Francisco has created a new class of people for whom freedom remains elusive.

Sandra Susan Smith & Cierra Robson

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Beyond Reform

Unraveling Carceral Reach

The work of addressing harm without more prisons, police, and punitiveness is daunting. But it can be done. And it’s happening now.

Kay Whitlock & Nancy A. Heitzeg

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