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sexual violence

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In Depth

Sticking with the Sex

From sex work to sex offender registries, a queer politics requires that we end state practices of sex exceptionalism.

Joseph J. Fischel

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law & policy

When the Law Is a Trap

The Prison Rape Elimination Act often revictimizes incarcerated survivors by expanding the power of the prison over them.

E. Zimmerman

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‘And They Stripped Him’

The Gospel narrative places on Christians a moral burden to not turn away from the sexual vulnerability of incarcerated people today.

Richard X

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Film review

Reframing Our Outrage

A new film reminds us that caring about survivors means working to prevent and respond to all violence—including carceral violence.

Ieshaah Murphy

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The Recall: Reframed

A short film asks how we can offer justice for survivors of sexual violence without perpetuating the harms of mass incarceration.

Rebecca Richman Cohen

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punishment theory

Unraveling Carceral Feminism

The push to increase the state’s power to punish led to more incarceration but failed to create a more just society for victims of sexual violence.

Alice Ievins

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A Secret Stash of Power

Now more than ever, we need a clear understanding of the role of violence, trauma, and survivorship in our harm reduction practice.

Shira Hassan

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A closer look

The Real Monsters

Sex offender registries don’t make us any safer. Abolishing them would.

Emily Horowitz

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