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Unfinished Business

Reckoning with the lives of all the men I sent to prison is a necessary, though not sufficient, step to reckon with the untold harm of mass incarceration.

Nancy Gertner

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The Case Against E-carceration

Electronic monitoring is not an alternative to incarceration. It's an alternative form of incarceration.

James Kilgore, Emmett Sanders & Kate Weisburd

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In the States

A ‘Warm’ Closure

The state of Washington plans to close 18 prison units. It sounds like progress. But don't be fooled: It's a problem.

Tomas Keen

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Where Reform Goes to Die

In its first six months, the Biden Administration has delivered major criminal justice disappointments. The problem: DOJ is calling the shots.

Rachel Barkow & Mark Osler

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Decarceral Pathways

The Entrenched Carceralism of Forensics

Forensic science is not an instrument of accuracy or truth. It is a tool of the carceral state that cannot continue to exist in its current form.

Maneka Sinha

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